tax tips


Scammers fake ATO phone numbers

 Scammers are using pre-recorded robocalls impersonating the ATO and threatening immediate arrest for an unpaid tax debt. 

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Reminder: Fuel tax credit rates have increased

 Fuel tax credit rates increased on 4 February, so make sure you use the new rates to calculate your claims on your next business activity statement (BAS). 

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Paying super to backpackers

 Backpackers on working holidays are an integral part of Australia's seasonal workforce, particularly in the agricultural sector 

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ABN bulk cancellations

 We will be conducting reviews on existing ABNs, which includes cancelling inactive ones. This helps to make sure the information on the Australian Business Register is correct and up to date. 

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Ride-sourcing and tax

Ride-sourcing is an ongoing arrangement where:

  1. you (a driver) make a car available for public hire for passengers
  2. a passenger uses a website or app provided by a third party (facilitator) to request a ride, for example Uber, GoCatch and others
  3. you use the car to transport the passenger for payment (a fare).

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